Adobe Voice Now Offers Theme Customizations

Back in May Adobe launched a free iPad app called Adobe Voice. Adobe Voice allows you to record your voice, import pictures, and write text to create a short video. The latest update to the app allows you to customize the background colors in your story’s theme. In addition to background colors you can also customize font colors and the colors of stock icons in the app.

To create a story with Adobe Voice you start by select a story template (you can change templates at any time). After choosing a template you construct your story by recording your narration for a frame then adding an image or text to the frame. You can import your own image, take a picture, or select one of the stock images provided by Adobe Voice. To find a stock image or icon you simply enter a search word and then select from the search results. In that regard it is similar to Haiku Deck’s image search tool. If you decide to add text to a frame, the text will automatically resize as you type. Music is automatically added to the background of your narrated Adobe Voice story. You can change the music by tapping the edit option and selecting a different track.

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