Managing SD34 iPads with Airwatch

A/ Device Dashboard

  1. The Device Dashboard is a good place to start when checking up on
    your iPads. Bookmarking it would be a good idea.
  2. From here you can see if any iPads are not connected to the network. In the screenshot below you will see that 4 devices have not connected to the internet for more than 20 days.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 10.30.00 PM

3. From the List View, you can select iPads and perform a variety of tasks including:

  • locking/unlocking devices and clearing pass codes
  • installing/deleting apps and profiles on individual devices
  • adding tags to devices
  • checking device status


How to: Change the Device Friendly Name

  1. Locate the serial number of an iPad in Settings/General/About
  2. Search for iPad by serial number in Devices/List View
    HINT: You only need to 4 – 5 digits from the middle of the serial number to reliably find the device.

3. Click the pencil to edit the “Friendly Name.” Also check the box to apply the name change on the device. Save.

B/ Smart Groups or “Assignment Groups”

  1. Smart Groups are customizable groups of iPads used to assign Apps and Device Profiles.
  2. Smart groups can be created based on a search criteria such as a tag, organizational group, device type, or version of iOS. Example: All iPads tagged with the “Teacher” tag automatically join the “Teacher” Smart Group.
  3. Smart groups also can be created by picking devices by name.


How to Creating a Smart Group

How To: Tag Devices

  1. Navigate to Devices >List View and choose a number of iPads,
  2. Assign a tag, identifying them for a specific use or location.
    Example: LSS Dept or Teacher


How To: Create a Smart Group Based on a Tag

  1. Navigate to: Groups & Settings>Groups>Assignment Groups
  2. Create a new group and name it.
  3. Use a tag as a search criteria.
  4. Save Smart Group.


How To: Create a Smart Group of Hand Picked iPads

  1. Search for iPads using device names
  2. Add them to the list
  3. Save Smart Group

Making a Smart Group

C/ Working with Device Profiles

  1. Device Profiles are used to configure Mobile Devices. As Airwatch installs and uninstalls profiles, iPads instantly carry out the instructions contained in them.
  2. Each school should have 3 Device Profiles to start with:
    • Wifi – set by the district
    • Email – the email account shared by a set of iPads.
    • Restrictions
  3. Typically, iPad Keepers will use Device Profiles for:
    • Deploying Web Clips
    • Configuring Single App Mode
    • Changing restrictions

How To: Install a Web Clip

1. Navigate to Devices/Profiles/List View

  1. Navigate to Devices/Profiles/List View
  2. Click Add
  3. Choose Apple iOS
  4. Give the profile a descriptive name.
  5. Set the profile to prevent removal
  6. Assign profile to a Smart Group
  7. From the Left Panel, choose Web Clips.
  8. Click Configure
  9. Fill in the display name and URL of the website.
  10. If possible, use a square icon to represent the website.
  11. Save and Publish


Tip #1: You can add additional web clips to the same profile by
clicking the + icon on the Web Clip panel.

Tip #2: You can create the (Web Clip) Profile without a Smart Group
assigned. Ignore the warning and save it without a Smart Group
assigned. It will remain ready to use when you need it.

D/ Managing Apps

  1. Schools looking for iOS Apps should go to the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) website for pricing and other information.
  2. Most developers offer a 50% Volume Discount for purchases of  20+ licenses at the time of purchase.

  1. A Secure Connection exists between VPP and Airwatch making purchased licenses available to be assigned to iPads.
  2. Installing Apps is done “Over-the-Air” through the Airwatch console.
  3. As of January 2016, licenses are associated with device serial numbers, NOT iTunes accounts.
  4. Apps are installed “silently” without the need to enter an iTunes password.

 How To: Install Apps Using “Device Assignment”

  1. Go to the Volume Purchase Program for Education website.
  2. Search for an App.
  3. Click on the title link to bring up the full description.
  4. Enter the number of licenses you wish to purchase or acquire (free app licenses)
  5. Fo paid Apps, choose Managed Distribution.
  6. For free Apps, choose Review Order.
  7. Proceed to purchase or acquire the App.
  8. Receipts for purchases will be sent to the email address associated with your
    school’s VPP account at the end of the day.


  1. Back in Airwatch Navigate to Apps/List View/Purchased
  2. Click on Sync Assets and wait at least 1 minute before refreshing the webpage
  3. Click on the pencil icon to Edit Assignment
  4. Click Enable Device Assignment
  5. Assign App to a Smart Group
  6. Determine how many licenses you will be assigning
  7. Choose “Auto” to install App immediately or “On Demand” to place the App in the SD34 Mobile App Library for On Demand installation.
  8. Save Assignment
  9. Choose “Publish” under the triangle next to the App,


Note: It is best to limit installation to between 2 – 3 Apps at a time. Due to wifi bandwidth issues, installs can slow down to a crawl if too many are trying to install at the same time.  

How To: Lock iPads into Single App Mode

  1. Navigate to Devices/Profiles/List View
  2. Click Add
  3. Choose Apple iOS
  4. Give the profile a name.
  5. Assign the profile to a Smart Group
  6. From the left panel, choose Single App Mode.
  7. Click Configure
  8. From the pop-down menu choose the App to be placed into Single App Mode
  9. Save and Publish.


How To: Delete an App Installed by Airwatch


  1. Only apps that were installed through Airwatch can be deleted through the Airwatch console.
  2. Locate an app to delete from Apps/List View/Purchased list and remove the Smart Group from assignment. Save and Publish.
  3. To delete an App from a single iPad, go to Devices>List View, find the iPad, click on the Apps tab, and delete the Airwatch managed App(s).

How To: Delete an App Not Installed by Airwatch

  1. Since Airwatch 8.1 Apps assigned by Airwatch but installed by another method can be managed (and deleted) by Airwatch.
  2. To delete an App not installed by Airwatch, assign the same App to the iPads form the Airwatch Console and check the box next to “Make App MDM Managed if User Installed iOS 9+”
  3. Wait a few minutes, follow Activcthen delete the App through the Airwatch Console.


E/ Other Topics

Installing a Custom Lock Screen and/or Home Screen
You can assign a Custom Home Screen and/or Lock Screen to your iPads
with AirWatch. This can be helpful, especially if students have changed
the screens or if you want to change the way your iPads look.
1. Navigate to Devices & Users / Apple / Apple iOS / Managed
Settings in your Airwatch Console.
2. Create or locate a suitable image file for either the lock screen or
home screen. The image should be a multiple of 1024 x 768 pixels.
3. Upload and save.
At this time, we have yet to find a way to permanently lock the
home/lock screens. It may be necessary to return to this page in your
AirWatch Console and re-save this setting from time to time in order to
reset the iPads screens to these images.


Apps are not installing, check if…


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