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iOS Updates

Since iOS 9 iOS devices have a much more aggressive update procedure. Several days after an update has become available, Apple sends notifications that make it difficult NOT to update. There are very good reasons for this approach, including patching security holes and other issues that affect iOS device functions. So what to do at your school?

When the current user is presented with the Software Update screen, they should tap on the “Later” option, to which you’ll be presented with two options:

Choose “Install Tonight” – this will install the update automatically between 2AM and 4AM assuming the device is connected to wi-fi and a power source.

This will make a big difference in keeping your iPads running smoothly without the hassle of an interruption during the school day.

Automatic App Updates

Enabling iPads to update their Apps automatically:

  1. App Downloads needs to be ON in Settings=>iTunes & App Store

  2. Your iPad restrictions profile needs to Allow installing public apps.

NOTE:  I will be checking your school’s restrictions settings in the next few days, ensuring that this is set correctly. Just be aware of that it needs to remain ON if you want automatic App Updates to continue.

Installing New Apps

  1. Our current setup hides the App Store from Shared iPads which keeps students from accessing it. To install approved Apps, end-users can open the SD34 App Library and install any apps made available there. Please see the following article with regards to “Adding Apps to SD34 App Library.”

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