Refreshing SD34 iPads

The best method for improving an iPad’s performance involves erasing and re-installing all Apps and Settings. We refer to this as an iPad Refresh Procedure To perform a complete refresh of an SD34 iPad, follow the steps below.

  1. Ensure that the iPad is able to be erased. You may need to remove the restrictions profile in Airwatch. For more information, contact Gary Toews.
  2. Erase the iPad. Go to Settings/General/Reset/Erase all settings and content.
  3. After it restarts, go through the setup screens with the correct language (English) and country (Canada)
  4. Log into WIFI if it prompts you to.
  5. Tap to Enable Location Services
  6. Tap Next at the Configuration Screen
  7. Tap Get Started
  8. Go to Settings/General/Software Update and update the iPad to the latest version of iOS. And allow the iPad to restart.
  9. Leave the iPad for 15 minutes or more for Automatic App installs to complete. You should have the following Apps installed: Pic Kids, Calculator, Google Apps (Classroom, Docs, Slides, Drive), I-nima, Adobe Spark Video, and Skitch.
  10. If some Apps fail to automatically install, open the App Catalog and tap their install buttons. Then wait another 15 minutes to allow them to install.
  11. Finally, open the OU Profiles Find your school, (E – elementary, M – middle, S – secondary) and tap to install your School Profile. This will place the iPad into your School OU (Organizational Unit).
  12. Answer all the prompts including the last one that says Done.
  13. Leave the iPad for up to 30 minutes to complete the setup and App installation.
  14. Open the App Catalogue and tap to install any missing Apps. Remember to leave the App Catalogue open for several minutes afterward to allow the install requests complete.
  15. Note: If after several minutes Apps show they are still “Processing” this is likely inaccurate. They most likely have been installed. You can press the home button to check. If in deed they still have NOT installed, then repeat Step 11. If you are still not able to install an App, contact for assistance.

Searching for and Installing Apps for SD34 iPads

Schools looking for iOS Apps should have a look at the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) website for pricing and other information. This site is essentially the “iTunes App Store” for Schools and Enterprise. Follow this link to access the Canadian VPP Store:

Many, but not all, App Developers offer a Volume Discount for purchases of over 20 licenses. This only applies at the point of purchase, not retroactively. Schools should consider purchasing extra licenses if they are planning to purchase more iPads in the near future.

Airwatch, SD34’s Mobile Device Management service, receives the licenses from the VPP Store where they are available to be assigned to iPads. Installing Apps is done “Over-the-Air” through the Airwatch console. Licenses are assigned to individual devices and are no longer associated with an iTunes account. No iTunes password is necessary to install Apps with Airwatch using Device Assignment.

Some good App Search websites include:

If your school is interested in purchasing apps OR installing free Apps, contact your iPad Keeper or Gary Toews for more information and assistance.

Adobe Voice Now Offers Theme Customizations

Back in May Adobe launched a free iPad app called Adobe Voice. Adobe Voice allows you to record your voice, import pictures, and write text to create a short video. The latest update to the app allows you to customize the background colors in your story’s theme. In addition to background colors you can also customize font colors and the colors of stock icons in the app.

To create a story with Adobe Voice you start by select a story template (you can change templates at any time). After choosing a template you construct your story by recording your narration for a frame then adding an image or text to the frame. You can import your own image, take a picture, or select one of the stock images provided by Adobe Voice. To find a stock image or icon you simply enter a search word and then select from the search results. In that regard it is similar to Haiku Deck’s image search tool. If you decide to add text to a frame, the text will automatically resize as you type. Music is automatically added to the background of your narrated Adobe Voice story. You can change the music by tapping the edit option and selecting a different track.

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Best Storytelling Learning Tools for Kids on iPad and Other Tablets

Storytelling learning tools for kids on iPad Tablets

Sago Mini Doodlecast: great for kids who cannot write and read yet. Kids tell stories by drawing pictures. The app can also record voice and sound, so kids can tell their stories orally while drawing. Both voice and drawing process will be recorded as the whole story.

Scribble My Story: Similar to Sago Mini Doodlecase, this app allows kids to draw stories, great storytelling tool for young children. There are also pre-made books for kids to read. The in-app parent-child communication function is also a neat feature.

Buildo Museum Sticker Book: tell stories using the stickers provides. This is perfect for young children.

Toontastic Jr: Junior version of Toontastic, which is listed in this list also. It teaches the story arc, but a simpler version. The app also allows family members and friends to co-create stories in real time from different devices remotely. It is a nice feature for families with travelling members.

Story Board That: not an app per se, but functions well on iPad and iPhone. Kids can choose different picture elements such as boys, girls, teachers, furniture, … to put pictures together to tell stories. Great for kids who have not developed enough vocabulary to tell stories in words.

Story Wheel: this is great as a family activity, or classroom activity. Kids take turns to spin the wheel to get story prompts and contribute to the story. The app records the story for kids to playback later.

Toontastic: I like the app teaching kids how to create stories, following the s-step story arc. The app then guides kids throughout the story creating process, one step at a time. Kids can use the elements provided by the app, pictures, settings, music. Kids can also record their own voice or upload sound effects. The final product is a short movie.

Explain Everything: takes different media types as story elements, such as pictures, videos, texts, voice and sound. Kids will be able to leverage their strength in certain media types to tell the stories. It also allows multiple platforms to share the stories. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Tellagami: a free app letting kids create short stories either by typing in the story in words or by recording their own voice. The app will show a reporter telling the kid’s story as input by the child. There is a length limit, so it is perfect for kids who just start storytelling.

Doodle Cast Pro: Similar to Explain Everything, doodle Cast allows integration of multiple media types. It is also a great teaching tool for classroom and homeschool.

Book Creator: we used Book Creator for our summer trip report projects. It is another app that kids can use different media types for their stories.

Adobe Voice: a free app from Adobe. I like the professionally pre-made icons in the app. You can search icon based on your story topic and theme. It is a great free tool for creating short stories.

StoryKit: a free app that also takes multi-media elements for story creation. The functions are simpler and less options, but it is a free app, so could be a good one to get started before you invest any money.

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