How to Clear Guided Access from iPads

Lately there have been a number of iPads being placed into Guided Access by students who promptly forget the Guided Access password they just set. Unfortunately, Apple has not given us the ability to lock out this feature. Here are a couple solutions to deal with the problem…

1. Set a Default Guided Access Password

With this method the end user would need to know the default Guided Access password before placing the iPad into Guided Access mode. Using the default password, the teacher has the ability to enable Guided Access mode when needed.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access and turn it on.
  2. Set the passcode for it and save the password for future use.
  3. Once enabled, you can start Guided Access mode by triple-pressing the home button.
  4. After a Guided Access session is started, you can disable it by triple-pressing the home button again, and entering your Guided Access passcode.

2. Clear Guided Access Mode Through Airwatch

Install a Single App Mode Device Profile onto the locked iPads.  Single App Mode is the same as Guided Access Mode so this will over-ride Guided Access on the iPad.

  1. In Airwatch, go to Devices > Profiles > List View 
  2. Create a new device profile to control Single App Mode learn how here.
  3. Assign the profile to a Smart Group containing the locked iPads. The Assignment Type should be set to Optional (see below) to avoid enabling Single App mode on all iPads.Pasted_Image_2016-03-07__11_36_AM
  4. Access the individual iPad’s Device Details Page and open the Profiles Tab. Find the assigned Single App profile and install it.
  5. Use this profile to lock the iPad into the “Notes” App for example.
  6. Wait for the iPad to enter Single App mode showing the Notes App.
  7. Un-assign the profile from the iPad by editing the Profile and deleting the Smart Group containing the iPad.
  8. The iPad will return to normal.

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