DEP and the Importance of Purchasing iOS Devices Directly from Apple

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 2.37.07 PMAs of September 2015, SD34 has implemented Apple’s Device Enrollment Program. Devices included in the DEP can be locked to a particular MDM service, in our case, Airwatch. This makes it impossible for a stolen device to be removed from the Abbotsford MDM. Even if the device is erased, as soon as it restarts it automatically logs in and is managed by Abbotsford Airwatch. 

Other benefits of the DEP include:

  •  Very simple deployment of new devices,
  • Easy restoration of devices to their default state. For example, restoring an iPad involves erasing it. Upon startup, our iPads log back into Airwatch and begin restoring themselves to their default image, including previously assigned Apps and settings.

iPads purchased outside of Apple Canada (Best Buy, Simply Computing, etc) are not eligible to be included in the DEP. If a school purchases off-the-shelf iOS devices, they probably paid too much due to the lack of an education discount. iOS devices not purchased from Apple Canada are harder to manage. If stolen and erased, a non-DEP iPad is removed from Airwatch and will be nearly impossible to be traced. Any student has the ability to remove non-DEP iOS devices FROM Airwatch with a single tap. It’s that easy!

For these reasons, I would strongly argue that schools NOT purchase iOS devices outside of the regular channels, that being through the Purchasing Department.

Devices ordered through the Purchasing Department first arrive at ITC for processing where they receive an Identity Label, a Case, and are configured with appropriate settings and Apps. For Educational Mobile Device Support please contact Gary Toews.


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