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Searching for and Installing Apps for SD34 iPads

Schools looking for iOS Apps should have a look at the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) website for pricing and other information. This site is essentially the “iTunes App Store” for Schools and Enterprise. Follow this link to access the Canadian VPP Store:

Many, but not all, App Developers offer a Volume Discount for purchases of over 20 licenses. This only applies at the point of purchase, not retroactively. Schools should consider purchasing extra licenses if they are planning to purchase more iPads in the near future.

Airwatch, SD34’s Mobile Device Management service, receives the licenses from the VPP Store where they are available to be assigned to iPads. Installing Apps is done “Over-the-Air” through the Airwatch console. Licenses are assigned to individual devices and are no longer associated with an iTunes account. No iTunes password is necessary to install Apps with Airwatch using Device Assignment.

Some good App Search websites include:

If your school is interested in purchasing apps OR installing free Apps, contact your iPad Keeper or Gary Toews for more information and assistance.

DEP and the Importance of Purchasing iOS Devices Directly from Apple

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 2.37.07 PMAs of September 2015, SD34 has implemented Apple’s Device Enrollment Program. Devices included in the DEP can be locked to a particular MDM service, in our case, Airwatch. This makes it impossible for a stolen device to be removed from the Abbotsford MDM. Even if the device is erased, as soon as it restarts it automatically logs in and is managed by Abbotsford Airwatch.  Continue reading DEP and the Importance of Purchasing iOS Devices Directly from Apple

Working with Device Profiles

 Working with Device Profiles

  1. Device profiles are the primary means by which you can manage
    devices. You can think of profiles as the settings and rules that, when
    combined with compliance policies, help you enforce corporate rules and
    procedures. They contain the settings, configurations and restrictions
    that you want to enforce on devices.
  2. Each school should have 3 Device Profiles to start with:
    • Wifi – set by the district
    • Email – the email account shared by a set of iPads.
    • Restrictions
  3. Typically, iPad Keepers will use Device Profiles for:
    • Deploying Web Clips
    • Configuring Single App Mode

Example: Create and Deploy a Web Clip