Managing SD34 iPads with Airwatch
Cart/Classroom and Teacher iPads Explained
How Do I Lock the iPad into a Single App?
iPad Update for June 2016

Working with Device Profiles

 Working with Device Profiles

  1. Device profiles are the primary means by which you can manage
    devices. You can think of profiles as the settings and rules that, when
    combined with compliance policies, help you enforce corporate rules and
    procedures. They contain the settings, configurations and restrictions
    that you want to enforce on devices.
  2. Each school should have 3 Device Profiles to start with:
    • Wifi – set by the district
    • Email – the email account shared by a set of iPads.
    • Restrictions
  3. Typically, iPad Keepers will use Device Profiles for:
    • Deploying Web Clips
    • Configuring Single App Mode

Example: Create and Deploy a Web Clip

How to make a Smart Group of iPads in Airwatch

Managing and differentiating groups of iPads is done through Smart Groups. Smart Groups can be created based on”tag.” Example: iPads tagged as “Teacher” can automatically be part of the a Smart Group looking for that tag.

Alternately, Smarts Groups can be a collection of hand picked iPads, not based on criteria.


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Cart/Classroom and Teacher iPads Explained

Most iPads in Abbotsford School District are deployed as multi-user devices in carts or in classrooms. By definition, this means that many students will have full access to the same Apps and Data on the device.

Restrictions are installed on Cart/Classroom iPads to maintain their integrity and functionality for all users.

Teacher iPads use are configured to minimize obstacles to productivity and personalization. This includes setting up personal and district email, cloud based accounts. All normal customizations are allowed.

Using Teacher iPads as part of a teacher’s digital workflow, including capturing photos and video of students, is expected and encouraged. iPads must be configured with a passcode in order to safeguard student and teacher private information. Please see the following resource for more information on setting up a passcode.  How to Setup a Passcode on your iOS device

It is not recommended that students have access to Teacher iPads. However, in the case that a teacher allows limited student use of the device, the student should be directly supervised at all times.

There is no way to prevent access to data on iPads once the owner has unlocked it.

Teachers may consider setting Temporary Restrictions on their iPads to further protect settings and private information on their Teacher iPad. Enabling Parental Controls on iPad.

Teacher iPad Quick Start Guide

Cart/Classroom iPad Configuration and Restrictions

Managing SD34 iPads with Airwatch


A/ Device Dashboard

  1. The Device Dashboard is a good place to start when checking up on
    your iPads. Bookmarking it would be a good idea.
  2. From here you can see if any iPads are not connected to the network. In the screenshot below you will see that 4 devices have not connected to the internet for more than 20 days.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 10.30.00 PM

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