Restrictions for Shared iPads – SD34

iPads are controlled by a restrictions profile installed on the iPads via Air-watch. Each school has a separate profile that can be edited by the school’s iPad Keeper(s).

Initial Restrictions

Diagram of iPad Restrictions Profile Adobe_PDF_icon

A/ Not Allowed
  1. Installing Apps: Restricted Mode for Public iOS Applications set via Setting/Apps/Catalog/App Restrictions
  2. In-app purchases
  3. Removing Apps
  4. Changing Account Settings
  5. Enabling/modifying Restrictions
  6. Access to iTunes store
  7. Access to iBooks store
  8. Access to Game Center
  9. Multi-player Gaming
  10. Auto-fill in Safari
  11. Modifying Find my Friends Settings
  12. Accessing Explicit Content
  13. Erase content and settings under General=>Reset
  14. Control Center on lock screen
  15. Today View on Lock Screen
  16. Notifications view on Lock Screen
  17. Viewing Movies and TV shows through Videos app
  18. Accessing iTunes media flagged as Explicit
B/ Enabled
  1. Profanity Filter in Siri
C/ Scenarios Where Changing Restrictions May be Necessary
  1. Installing Apps: “Restricted Mode for Public iOS Applications” should be turned off. Go to  Setting/Apps/Catalog/App Restrictions and un-check the box. Save. Remember to re-enable after App installs are done.
  2. Restoring in-app purchases may be necessary from time to time. Un-check the setting in the Restrictions Profile, Save and Publish the profile.
  3. Deleting Apps may be done on individual iPads. Un-check the setting in the Restrictions Profile. Save and Publish the profile. Delete apps and then re-enable the restriction in the same way.

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