Working with Device Profiles

 Working with Device Profiles

  1. Device profiles are the primary means by which you can manage
    devices. You can think of profiles as the settings and rules that, when
    combined with compliance policies, help you enforce corporate rules and
    procedures. They contain the settings, configurations and restrictions
    that you want to enforce on devices.
  2. Each school should have 3 Device Profiles to start with:
    • Wifi – set by the district
    • Email – the email account shared by a set of iPads.
    • Restrictions
  3. Typically, iPad Keepers will use Device Profiles for:
    • Deploying Web Clips
    • Configuring Single App Mode

Example: Create and Deploy a Web Clip

Navigate to Devices/Profiles/List View

  1. Click Add
  2. Choose Apple iOS
  3. Give the profile a descriptive name.
  4. Set profile to Never be removed.
  5. Assign it to a Smart Group (or no Smart Group if you want to wait
    to use the profile)
  6. From the Left Panel, choose Web Clips.
  7. Click Configure
  8. Fill in the display name and URL of the website.
  9. If possible, use a square icon to represent to website.
  10. Save and Publish

Tip #1: You can add additional web clips to the same profile by
clicking the + icon on the Web Clip panel.

Tip #2: You can create the (Web Clip) Profile without a Smart Group
assigned. Ignore the warning and save it without a Smart Group
assigned. It will remain ready to use when you need it.

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